Glenn Gaunt

Theatre Director, Acting Coach, Producer

Glenn Gaunt is an experienced director, based in London. He has worked on various theatre productions throughout the London scene. 

About Glenn

Acting Coaching ​

Glenn works as an acting coach, helping you to achieve your goals using a holistic approach. Wether you are applying for Drama School, Preparing for an Audition or would just like to brush up on technique. 

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Glenn loves to work on productions that have a strong ethic behind them provoking social change. He is partial to a classic play, but also enjoys working with writers on new plays. 

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For all things acting, performing and commentary on the industry follow Glenn's blog to gain insights to improve your acting, as well as tips on the business side of performing. 

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“A very good and upstaging piece of theatre.”  - **** 'Modern Times'

''Director Glenn Gaunt makes the most of the minimalist staging, especially with a deliciously rude start to the second half'' - **** 'I Sing' 

''This was by far the most polished and refined playlet of the night. The clear concept of these characters created a depth that was efficacious. '' - ***** 'Don't Cross Me'